All my items are hand made with hemp,cord and beads. Pet necklaces stretch for your pets protection. When placing an order please include color,size, name/saying you would like up to 6 letters. Shipping is included in the price and 1/2 of profits are donated to The Pet Finders Foundation.

Cat and small dog necklaces are $5.00 ea. up to 6 letters and 12" long.

Add .10 for each additional letter and or inch.

This necklace is made with a heavier hemp for a larger dog.

Please note that the necklaces are for show  and NOT to be used as a collar to hook a lead to.

Pet Jewlery

$ 5.00 USD

$5.00 ea.

Add .10 for each Letter Over 6.

Add.10 for each inch over 12"

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